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MY LONDON 2015 calendar

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Photography contest


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Images in this calendar came out of a photography contest for people affected by homelessness, supported by The Royal Photographic Society (RPS), held 2 - 7 July 2014.


One hundred and five single-use cameras were distributed at St Paul’s Cathedral, with photography training given by RPS volunteers. Participants were given five days, with the theme My London.


Employment programme


This calendar is sold by homeless and low-income people. Vendors buy the calendar for £5 and sell it for £10. All the money from the transaction goes to the vendor. Additional proceeds support the purchase of art materials for art groups supporting photographers involved in the project.


65% of sales income to participants on average


For every 2014 Café Art calendar sold last year more than 65% of the sale price went to the vendors, art groups and photographers.


Participant involvement


Every photographer chosen for the calendar was interviewed and helped in the editing process of this calendar. The calendar helps connect people affected by homelessness with the winder community though the photographs but also though the stories on every month.


Every photographer whose photograph appears in the calendar was paid £100 for the photograph which will be recouped through calendar sales. Photographer receive 50% of the profits from photograph sales after the cost of framing and postage with the remaining 50% going beack into the project.


Left: January 2015. Heals over Head, West London. Arantxa Vinardell took this shot of her friend Erica in front of a mural on a street where Erica lives in Northfields, West London. Arantxa says Erica was very supportive of her when she was homeless and jobless.


She has been coming to Crisis since 2013 and has found it to be a big help and a source of hope.


Coming from an artistic background, she attends puppet-making classes and is currently creating a video with her creations, which is about the ‘awakening of the human conscience’.


From Andalucia, Spain, she was a waitress and studied fine art in Seville and Barcelona. She says she has been able to meet many people in London who are caring and supportive, but who do not expect anything in return.


In the future she would like to help other people with art therapy.


Connecting people


Every month in the MY LONDON calendar has another photograph and another story. Buy the MY LONDON 2015 calendar today.







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"Café Art has brought photography and the homeless together in a ground-breaking initiative that is bringing real benefit to those participating.


The calendar itself brings direct support but, equally important, is the raising of self-esteem and confidence for those taking part. It is a small project but it is making a big difference." 


Dr M Pritchard, Director-General, The Royal Photographic Society



Fight homelessness: buy the MY LONDON 2015 calendar! 

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Inside the 2015 calendar at a glance

Designed in London by Carter Wong Design

Printed in London by Printhouse Corporation

Cameras provided by FujiFilm


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